Friday, March 26, 2010

Sad, Down, Moody

How such a long time i dint online already?
ERR~~~~ don't know...

I really want to share this few week what already happen on my life...
Too much... until now still don't have the ending.
when the "happen" need to solve it?
Bila..... When.....

Friday, February 12, 2010


New Year is Coming~~
Later I need to back home early to clean house alone!!!!!
Seih loh..
Sure tired until die, plus I'm having ...........
Tired plus bleeding plus sweating....

At house, lipat baju, sapu lantai, mop lantai, hang the new year decoration outside the house, clean window, iron the clothes..... sei loh........
Im alone how to finish it at one night.
My daddy, mummy, and sister working, my brother still at school, left me....
My handphone nearly no credit...
I think only the "Music" accompany me.
Music, hi-fi, amplifier, TV.....

But lasty I still need to wish All My friends...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After had a talk to teacher

Yesterday, I go found my class teacher to ask about change class.
Before that, I don't think is possible to have the chance to change it, but at least asked.
The answer still the same. NO!
The reason is because out STPM angka giliran is fixed.
Haiz.....Never mind lah. Keep the same in now.

Then teacher ask me to sit down had a talk.
I already felt that teacher wanted to ask about what.

"Bee Siew, you change a lot compare to last year."
"Ya, in study, I changed a lot, because some 'forces' to push me in front!"
"You mean HE?"
"Not only HE, acually whole gang make me wanted to study hard. Then I need to study hard, SO that I'm no lose to them."
"Actually I can see clearly you and HE and the gang had a gap."
"I also don't know that. He said 'we can't be couple, we still be friends', but I can't see that, because no talk to each other."
"Why you don't try to talk with him?"
"I'm girl, don't wanted to the first."
"Actually I also don't know what things happen between of us to have that gap.Fine. Now I'm just wanted to study hard only."

Above that dialog had edited. Some too private can't share to us. Sorry.

But after I talk with teacher, I'm blurring. But I still don't know how to solve it.
Blur~~Blur~~ and Blur~~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miss Feeling

Two days….

No Sms....

Because my handphone no credits.



Miss you.......

I think maybe when Chinese New Year, I'll be go P.Pangkor to take more angpau.

The first day of New Year, I go Malim Nawar, then Kampar.

Second day, stay at Ipoh my grandmum house.

Third day, go taiping.

MAybe fifth day just go Lumut.

Then Friday, go Parade gather with my best friends....


But all still don't know yet.

Still not confirm yet.

No Title

I felt that I'm become bad girl.
I wanna YOU all dead soon..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just express it

Open school how many days?
14 days......
Stress in Upper Six?
Relax In Upper Six Also?
Also NO~~~
Err... how to express my feeling now ?
Emn~~~ Don't know...

Tuition and coco timetable?
Already arrange properly..
Then any things do?
Err... don't know again....

Now i started back "it" again....
No lie, honest....
First time go far alone by bus.
A bit scare..
But i get "it" back....

Maybe someone understand I say what,
But maybe someone don't understand also.

I'm just nothings to do.
Post some nonsense here.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My 1st F6 WORST result

Today, I receive all my first examination subjects' result.
Worst worst and worst.
Now I really believe my senior said:"We not count A's, is count PASS."
Haiz... so sad but I already know my result will very bad.

Below is my BAD, WORST result.

General paper---45
TOTAL: >>>>>168

Is it bad? Only pass 2 subjects. So bad.